What missing nutrients do I need as a vegetarian, and how can I get them?

June 19, 2014 · Carb Nutrition

Question by Andy: What missing nutrients do I need as a vegetarian, and how can I get them?
I am a 20 yr old guy and I recently became vegetarian after coming to the realization that I felt better without meat, it being a “heavy” sedative food that just seemed to be a wrench in the works in the human system – I have more energy now. I now get protein from beans, nuts, and complete protein from cottage and paneer cheese.

I hear however that when you give up meat you are missing vital nutrients. What are these and how can I get them?

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Answer by The buddy
Good choice dude, its a considerate choice to make for animal welfare as well. I was vegetarian, and even vegan for a while.

You can get nearly all the needed nutrients being a vegetarian as you would eating meat. However the only one is omega 3 fats, which appear to provide numerous health benefits and reduce risk of disease.
There are three types of omega 3 fats- ALA, EPA, and DHA fatty acids. The ALA fats you can get from plants, like walnuts, hemp seeds,flaxseed, vegetables. The other two you can only get from animal foods, especially fish, and shelfish, cod liver oil. The animal omega 3 fats seem to have a wider range of health benefits than the plant ones, and our bodies can turn ALA fats into DHA, but its not very efficient.

And also watch your vitamin D…which we find mainly only in animal products like fish, liver. You can get vitamin d from the sun, but if you live in a cooler climate consider taking a vitamin d supplement perhaps.

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