Is This A Healthy Vegetarian Diet?

June 20, 2014 · Carb Nutrition

Question by : Is This A Healthy Vegetarian Diet?
I drink two Slim Rite drinks per day. One to replace breakfast and one to replace lunch.Slim Rite has lots of vitamins in it. Like 10 grams of protine , 50% calcium , 35% of vitamin A, B , B6 , K. 100% vitamin C. And many other vitamins! So I drink two can per day. Then for dinner I eat a regular meal. I have a small vegetarian sub sandwhich that comes with cheese, pickles, tomatoes and lettuce on whole wheat bread. And I eat a small side order of potato salad and a small side order of noodle salad. Is this a good diet? I bought some ratini noodles from the deli incase I need snack before bed.

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Answer by Magic
You could ask you doctor.

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