Is Korean hot pepper powder (gochugaru) gluten-free?

June 17, 2014 · Carb Nutrition

Question by solo_minstrel: Is Korean hot pepper powder (gochugaru) gluten-free?
I want to make my own hot pepper paste, as I can’t use the store-bought ones because they all contain wheat or barley. I know that some spices contain wheat as an unlisted ingredient to prevent clumping and am wondering if anyone knows anything about the brand of gochugaru the local Asian grocery store carries, the Assi brand hot pepper powder:

Has anyone who is gluten-free used this pepper powder before? If so, did you have a reaction?

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Answer by Godly Ambition

The only ingredient is red chili pepper which contains no gluten.

A serving of gochugaru contains the same amount of carbohydrates as half a red chili pepper. This shows that no unlisted carbohydrates have been added to the powder.

Check the nutrition facts on the specific product you’re buying though to make sure there are only 2g carbs per serving or less.

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